The New Club - Restaurant Bar Review

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

I, like many people in the world, have a love for New York that knows no ground, because I've never been there. But thanks to The New Club, a chipper little restaurant bar in Brighton, I was able to get a sweet hit of Stateside life without crying quietly into my credit card. 

The Venue

A beachfront based restaurant bar in Brighton that isn't anchored down by the Palace Pier crowds? Thank you New Club, thank you.

Found by the old pier and poised directly over the sea front, The New Club was a far cry from some washed out beachfront venues. Boasting a slick air of American city style, this minimalistic yet overtly cool restaurant bar promised a New York style, and put out. From a back wall with its downtown city mural, plots of slick wooden tables and low hanging lamps, The New Club is understated on purpose. We nabbed one of their patio tables out front because the sun was shining, and well, what else are you to do in Brighton but eat by the sea?

The New Club Brighton Review

Boasting a minimalistic New York style niche, The New Club is characteristic yet humble.

The Food and Drink

So I came with friends for a brunch sitting at The New Club, but don't worry, I dabbled in a cocktail nonetheless so you're going to hear about the full shebang. 

Opting in on their 'Breakfast Club', I made my way through their oh so reasonably priced scrambled eggs on sourdough at £5.50. Not your bog standard breakfast fare, I was really impressed by not only the size, but the impression that my food made. The New Club clearly boast skills in the kitchen on even the most basic of dishes. A breakfast meal needs a breakfast cocktail by law, therefore I headed straight for an Espresso Martini while others ploughed through suitably spicy Bloody Mary's; Even at 11 in the morning, The New Club made all of our drinks from scratch, and with a flavour that i'll be coming back for. 

the new club brighton bar review

From brunch and hearty beef burgers to cocktails, The New Club are coming up trumps when it comes to States style chow.

The Atmosphere

I feel as though The New Club will never be somewhere that lacks in charm. Between us, the dining families, young local couples looking for a bit of breakfast chow and their own bartenders by the bar, The New Club has a humble Brighton tone that I think will appeal to those looking for somewhere laid back, but bustling with character. The New Club is really rather cool, and they really rather play it down. 

new club review brighton bar

It may not be one for the party hearty, but there's a rich atmosphere at The New Club that's wholly charming.


In the words of LCD Soundsystem: New Club, I love you, and you're definitely not bringing me down. Great for hearty American style food and liquid refreshments the like, this beachfront babe is sure to be a stalwart for those looking to embrace it.