A reggae bar nestled between dainty crafty shops and Brighton wares? You should expect no less from our city, or Riki Tik. From its bustling atmosphere down to its tropical inclinations, Riki Tik is a dancehall retreat for those of laid back mind. 

The Venue

Looks can be somewhat deceiving with Riki Tik; while the main entrance doesn't give much away, this party bar travels further than I expected. Boasting two relatively petite bars split between a multitude of levels, Riki Tik feels cosy, but it's certainly not as small as you think. Laden in orange hues, a set of swings for good measure, bamboo throngs, leather clad booth areas and a selection of exotically suggestive pot plants, Riki Tik is themed, but it's not over-wrought; they're aware as a venue that it's as much about atmosphere as it is interiors. 

riki tik review brighton

A Jamaican bar cracking out a subtle yet exotic theme, there's an abundance of colour to be found.

The Drinks

Of course there's your regular fare, and it's no hard feat getting a vodka and coke at Riki Tik, but you're at a tropical Island style bar, why have you not taken to the cocktail menu yet? Rum is the dish of the day at Riki Tik, Jamaica's patron tipple of course, and you'll find all of their cocktails laden in the stuff. Nabbing their cocktail 2-4-1 at a mere £6.50, I opted for two of my party classics, a Mojito. While I wouldn't favour Riki Tik with master mixology or creativity as such, I would favour them with potency, my Mojito packed quite a rum punch; but as this a party bar and there was dancing to be done, it only goes hand in hand.

riki tik cocktails review brighton

Cocktails at Riki Tik? They're not posh, but they certainly are potent and great dancing material. 

The Atmosphere

'We should have come later, I told you, we should have come later'. Due to the size of Riki Tik, if you come to early, it could feel quite baron. Definitely feeling the venue pick up speed though, Riki Tik hit a cracking capacity at around 10pm on a Saturday. Whilst many of you might be early party bloomers, the later the better I say. Whilst a unique blend of crowds, it's clear that Riki Tik is partial to party hearty young 20-somethings and students looking to take in the cheap cocktails and heaving dance floor. It quite excitingly starts to move with itself the later in the evening. 

riki tik review party brighton

More of a venue for those that like to drink, dance and not much else; partying is at their core, just get there late enough.


Whilst I personally am a bit more Grass Roots than I am Reggae Roots, and I like my cocktails a little less pungent and with a lot more finesse, I can't deny Riki Tik's standing as a truly fun late night rollick. The later the better at Riki Tik where the lights go down lower and the volume goes up higher.