Thursday Nights in Birmingham

Birmingham happens to be one of the most vibrant weekend destinations in the UK, and would you have guessed it? The weekend starts on a Thursday here! With some of the biggest clubs in Birmingham opening up their doors to the party hordes of Brum, Thursday has become a mecca for cracking DJ nights, glitzy parties and great nights out. Check out our recommendations for some of the best places to start your weekend on a Thursday night in Birmingham. 

@ The Flapper on Every Thursday

Ready to put that gawdy general knowledge loving head of yours to the test? Head down to one of the city's best independent music venues for a slice of quizzical life as The Flapper's pub quiz will put any true quizzer to the test every Thursday night. Just £1 to enter and a free nachos and dip for your merry band of quiz faring men or women, this pub quiz is a fun and laid back night in the city.