Pulled Pork Burgers and Beer in Birmingham

Not only has pulled pork become something of a fashionable addition to your day, with quirky creatives coming up with new gastronomical ways to serve it, it's a down right tasty one too. Boasting a selection of tender pulled pork treats for carnivore palate's, these bars in Birmingham leave no burger behind promising slow cooked, award winning pulled pork burgers in the city. Check out our recommendations for the best pulled pork burgers served with a glass of the chilled stuff in Birmingham. 

Buffalo & Rye

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Birmingham has a new smokehouse on its hands, and it comes at the city from none other than the brains behind Bitters N Twisted. But where does pulled pork come into this? Where doesn't it?! Set to change the way we see pulled pork, head on down for burgers and bites a-plenty as this styled new joint is set to impress.

BrewDog Birmingham

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They may be known as some of the best providers for craft beer in Birmingham but they also harbour a juicy if not meaty secret. Boasting a selection of carnivorous treats, Brewdog in John Bright Street have a tantalising pulled pork number on their menu for fans of the ol' pig. With their very own 5AM Saint gravy, slaw and chutney, this £7 little number is a melt-in-the-mouth moment.


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Joined by the infamous Digbeth Dining Club come 5pm every Friday night, cool warehouse bar Spotlight turns into a foodie mecca thanks to its hearty selection of vendors; but what if you've got a hankering for pulled pork? With vendors such as The Meatshack and Low 'n' Slow at hand, no carnivore goes without where pulled pork burgers and a beer will set you back no more than £10 for both!

Bar Estilo

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Whilst Bar Estilo may serve one of the most varied selections of tapas in Birmingham, it seems as though they have a few meaty treats up their sleeve too. Order one of Bar Estilo's pulled pork, black bean and chorizo wraps for just £4 and dabble in their Spanish take on the way in which pulled pork is served in one of the most romantic venues in the city.

The Victoria

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Do you want your succulent pulled pork on a sandwich, burger sliders or on a piece of cornbread? Never mind if you're picky, Because The Victoria is a quirky pub in Birmingham that can promise you the whole ruddy lot. Why not nibble (or shall we say gorge) on their Deep South dining take on pulled pork and savour some international craft beer whilst you're at it as The Victoria promise a unique and thirst quenching selection. 


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It needn't be all thigh slapping American diners that boast some of the best pulled pork in Birmingham, there's a South American haven that adds a delicious spin on this favoured meat. From pulled pork carnitas to their favoured Bodega burrito, there's even peanut butter pork for the brave among you. 

The Station

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Whilst their decor may boast all kinds of British kitsch wonder from vintage wallpapers, mounted t-rex heads and upcycled furniture, The Sun at the Station in King's Heath promise only the most classic of pub dishes, with one pork exception of course. A traditional slow cooked pulled pork burger with BBQ sauce and spicy slaw, this little number will set you back just £8.25 and goes down mighty fine with a glass of shandy if we say so ourselves.