Bars in Edgbaston

One of the most affluent districts in Birmingham, Edgbaston is an idyllic town known for being 'where trees begin'. This plush and scenic suburb is home to a small collective of the best chic bars in Birmingham where you can get refined dining and drinking by the bucket load. Check out our recommendations for the best bars in Edgbaston and get to know one of Birmingham's most luxurious suburbs. 

The Edgbaston

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The Edgbaston's name and reputation proceeds them. One of the fanciest bars in Birmingham, this lounge bar sits in a traditional Georgian building delivering plush interiors and tasty cocktails. Perfect for everything from a celebration to date night, make sure you make a night of this premium destination.

Genting Casino might be the most sophisticated casino in Birmingham. Complete with tonnes of different gaming tables alongside a bar serving up luxurious drinks, Genting continues to be the destination of choice for those discerning gamers. And if you fancy a bite to eat, head to the Fahrenheit Bar for eats that don't break the bank.  

Garden House

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A traditional British pub with cracking pub prices, Garden House is a wholesome and comfortable drinking and dining affair. From traditional fireplaces and features to local ale, Garden House has something for everyone. Living up to its name, Garden House has one of the plushest beer gardens in Birmingham with a whole host of heated umbrellas, classic tables and green scenery to boot.