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Best Late Night Bar 2014 - DesignMyNight Awards

See the neon ‘OPEN’ sign and descend down some stairs just off Deansgate to find one of Manchester’s growing breed of cool tiki cocktail bars. Dark and atmospheric, the Liars Club is a tropical dive bar that evokes heady Caribbean nights a million worlds away from the streets of Manchester above.  With cool teracotta floor tiles, comfortable leather seating, wooden keg tables and more bamboo that you can shake, er, a stick of bamboo at, The Liars Club is a brilliantly designed tiki paradise that brings the fun time party vibes every night of the week, and a much needed ray of sunshine to Manchester nightlife

As one of the best cocktail bars in Manchester, The Liars Club offer a staggering choice of exotic tiki cocktails including the Pina Colada and Mai Tai, or another list of signature house cocktails made for The Liars Club by self-styled ‘Captain’ Lyndon Higginson. Why not learn to re-create your favourite cocktails at home at one of their excellent cocktail masterclasses? Book online now for you and your friends using the form above. 

The other great feature of The Liars Club is their amazing rum collection, which boasts over 100 different rums from all over the Caribbean. They also have a small but strong range of beers, wines and ciders to complement their extensive cocktail and rum collections. If you're after a fun night out in Manchester then The Liars Club is definitely one of the places for you; with good music, great drinks and a fun party crowd going strong till 4am, it’s a great night out. Book online now!

Offers / Promos 1

Offer Details Availability
2 for 1 cocktails Try a Tiki classic like the flaming zombie or a Liars Club special such as the Captain’s Rum Fizz, created by bar manager Captain Lyndon Higginson. Monday 17:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 17:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 17:00 - 21:00
Thursday 17:00 - 21:00
Sunday 17:00 - 21:00


No queues normally
Happily Affordable ££
2 for 1 cocktails


Day Open Close Notes
17:00 04:00
17:00 04:00
17:00 04:00
17:00 04:00
17:00 04:00
17:00 04:00
17:00 04:00


The Liars Club
19A Back Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 2PB

Central Manchester

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Drink Prices Price
Bottle of Lager (330ml) £3.50
Bottle of Cider (568ml) £4.50
Cocktail £6.50
Spirit and Mixer (50ml double shot and mixer) £3.50
Glass of Wine (175ml measure Large ) £3.50
Bottle of House Wine £13.00
Bottle of Champagne £35.00
Jaeger Bomb £4.00

Our Review

The Liars Club Manchester - Cocktail Bar Review

The Liars Club Manchester - Cocktail Bar Review

"Where's open late, that we can keep drinking at?" is a sentence said by everyone at one point in their lives. And the answer in Manchester always seems to be the same: The Liars Club. Located just off Deansgate and below popular late night spot...

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I went to the Liars club on Saturday 3rd of Dec. It was so busy also my Birthday . I loved the night and so did everyone. Cocktails were nice and different Staff were friendly I been a few years it's tradition now. I definitely recommend to anyone else. Definitely returning next year if I can.
by on December 6th, 2016

My mate and I, who are not anti social types, got turned away from here recently and I've heard it is because they apparently have a policy not to allow guys in without women, at least not when it's busy. The logic being that blokes who are with a woman are not dangerous... *comment moderated* If this bar is "attracting" an anti social element, so much so, that all unaccompanied males are considered a threat, then I suggest the club promotors might wanna look at changing their classy sounding promotions like "tikki as f... " Generally anything with the F bomb in it is guaranteed to attract idiots. I will go further and say anyone who uses the F word to promote their bar is a total tool, but to then turn away half it's business... It's laughable. I get it, people swear, me included, but horses for courses. Also calling a bar on deansgate a dive, is going to attract people looking for a dive. The most degenerate scumbag isn't going to get turned away from a real dive bar but you can be assured he will turn up if he thinks the liars club is what it call itself "a dive bar". Basically a very, very badly run bar...and I've not even been inside it.
by on June 1st, 2015
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Absolutely love Liars Club! As it's open every night until 4, it's an easy place to decide to go to. It's got a great atmosphere any night of the week. Only downside may be the price of the drinks, but in my opinion they are worth it!
by on May 31st, 2015

It's comparable to a larger Keko Moku- tasty drinks, fun atmosphere and great music. Not once has it ever been busy when I have visited, either. My only gripe would be the prices.
by on July 16th, 2014
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Looking for a party any night of the week? Head down to Liars for fun cocktails, great staff and music :)
by on December 24th, 2013

<p>Great party bar. Get in early to chill out and enjoy the amazing cocktails or head there later for a crazy night. Zombies all the way for me!</p>
by on May 3rd, 2013

<p>Only gets busy later on - cocktails can be expensive but really great atmosphere and good music!</p>
by on April 3rd, 2013

<p>If you're after a fun bar for a drink late at night in Manchester then look no further!</p>
by on March 26th, 2013

<p>Great for a late night on the town as it stays open till 4am and the crowd get busier and more lively as the night goes on!</p>
by on March 1st, 2013

<p>Everything is set on fire here! Really impressed by the cocktails and the music was amazing. a good night.</p>
by on February 21st, 2013

<p>The security staff are bullies, typical jumped up failed at everything else in life type bouncers. I can deal with people being thrown out, what I can't deal with is people being beaten to a pulp, thrown downstairs, dragged outside and kicked repeatedly in the head and body. I'm sure security are supposed to use restraint procedures not brutal force??? CCTV would paint a pretty picture but we all know that scene will definitely be wiped or suspiciously unable to record at that time. Absolutely horrified that security staff act that way in this day and age.</p>
by on February 14th, 2013
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3 person(s) found this helpful
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<p>In response to the 'review' below. We employ security for YOUR safety. They are there to stop anybody entering the bar who is too drunk or could be in any way a threat to the general public or bar staff. Unfortunately there are times when people can cause a problem inside a venue and they are asked to leave. Regarding the incident below that you are referring to this is what happened. A customer thought it was a good idea to throw a glass into the air and let it smash on the floor. A member of staff saw this and radioed for one of the door team to escort him out. The guy was politely asked to leave, which he did. When he got outside he decided he wanted to go back into the venue and told the door staff he was going to "kill the fat bastard behind the bar" He then somehow barged past 2 door staff who were stopping him getting back into the venue. Whilst trying to pull him back he shook himself free and fell down the stairs. There was a girl in the way on the stairs which made it difficult for the door team to grab the guy and not knock her over. The door staff then ran down the stairs and restrained the guy on the floor as he was now considered very much a danger to the staff and the public. It took 3 security staff to restrain and calm this person down before being able to get him safely out of the venue. It is clear on all CCTV footage what happens and we are willing to share this with the police as we did everything we could to ensure the safety of the people inside the venue. I have spoken at length with the guys mother who called the venue and wanted to know what happened. Calling up to speak to us about an incident is a mature and sensible way to deal with something. Putting up an anonymous, completely fabricated and slanderous statement on every review website is not a mature way to deal with things. Lyndon Higginson</p>
by on February 6th, 2013
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3 person(s) found this helpful
3 person(s) found this helpful

<p>Surprised at that review, this place is incredible, really friendly bar staff and always a great atmosphere. Shame you had a bad experience but believe me this place is amazing x</p>
by on January 22nd, 2013

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