All The Nice Things You Said About Manchester In Our 2021 City Survey

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Big news just in; it turns out us Mancunians are pretty proud of our city. After reading all the lovely stuff you wrote for our DesignMyNight City Survey we know we’re preaching to the choir, but we still need to give you the lowdown. Because you guys can’t get enough. From its unique spirit to the cool places to hang out, these are all the nice things you said about Manchester. But, let’s be honest, a lot of us would change this ruddy weather though.

You Love How Vibrant Manchester Is

“It’s full of life!”

“I love the people, the atmosphere and everything about being a busy bee here.”

“It’s a busy but hearty city.”

“Manchester is a hive of activity with something for everyone.”

“I love that Manchester is like a mini London.”

Flight Club Manchester | DesignMyNight

You like to stop off at Flight Club with your chums for a bustling evening of "darts, bar snacks and cocktails".

And There's Something For Everyone

Come rain or shine, Manchester is a city with so much to offer!”

“I love the creative side of Manchester. One of my favourite days of the year is Sounds From The Other City festival which takes over Salford. We have secret quirky bars and an urban street art trail. Manchester never gets boring and there is always something new to see or try.”

“Different areas such as Northern Quarter and Deansgate all have their own vibes and type of places, so everyone will find something they will enjoy.”

“It’s quite a large city that has got a bit of everything. Lots of shopping, nice restaurants and a mix of bars and traditional pubs.”

“There’s lots of different things to do: from breakout rooms, karaoke and Crystal Maze to dance classes, meals and nights out.”

"I love to go to Impossible in Manchester and maybe a gig too."

Lola Lo Manchester | DesignMyNight

When you're done hitting up its bars, Deansgate has some of your favourite clubs too.

Plus, Us Northerners Are Friendly And Fun Folk

“Everyone is so happy and friendly it’s like sunshine”

“The spirit of the people; salt of the earth.”

“It is a big city with a small village vibe (including the best down to earth people!)”

“The carefree attitude and the different cultures.”

“Feeling a sense of togetherness within the community.”

“The diversity, acceptance and warmth of people in Manchester is hard to beat.”

Impossible Manchester | DesignMyNight

Turns out you’re fans of quirky restaurant, bar and theatre Impossible.

It's A Great Place To Chow Down And Drink Up

“The unique variety of food and drink establishments available cater to every need imaginable.”

"We would go to Tattu or a similar pretty restaurant, then have classy cocktails at places like The Alchemist before going onto some clubs to dance."

“I particularly love the independent street food and craft ale vendors. I love the live music scene too and often the three can be found together at outdoor mini festivals and venues such as Hatch and Homeground.”

"We’d go for predrinks and prosecco in MenagerieThe Lawn Club or another Spinningfields venue."

“There’s cool cocktail bars and amazing food places.”

“The massive diversity of Manchester means we have amazing bars and restaurants, with so many new things happening and trends making a buzz. I’ve never not been able to find a new hidden place.”

“My favourite thing is the number of independent bars and restaurants.”

The Alchemist Spinningfields Manchester | DesignMyNight

Cocktails at The Alchemist, anyone?

And You're Also Suckers For A Great Night Out

“Regardless of what music or type of night you’re after, Manchester delivers.”

“Us Mancs have a good ear for sick tunes.”

“Everyone knows how to have a good time!!”

“The buzzing nightlife.”

“The city never sleeps.”

“Always guaranteed to have the best night.”

"To plan my dream night I would jump onto DesignMyNight and head to new bar YES before admiring the rest of the city from Tre Ciccio or 20 Stories."

20 Stories Manchester | DesignMyNight

There are views for days at 20 Stories.

Because Of All This, You Share A Pride In Your City

“We aren't afraid to show what we're made of.”

“A lifetime of endless opportunities.”

“The Manchester bee is everywhere to remind us we are all united.”

“I love the diversity of the people and the city. We all have pride to say we live in Manchester.”

“On the sixth day god made Manchester and he did a damn good job.”

The Lawn Club Manchester | DesignMyNight

With its cosy pods and gorgeous glass houses, The Lawn Club is one of the many venues you're proud of.

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