Best BYOB Restaurants In Manchester

Dust off those bottles, rally your drinking buddies and embark on a sip-sational journey through Manchester's delish foodie hotspots. Whether you're a vino virtuoso or a beer buff, these joints promise a cork-popping, bottle-clinking fiesta of boozy dreams. We're cracking open the secrets to Manchester's best BYOB restaurants, where you can bring the brews and let the good times flow.


Double Zero

BYOB pizza party, anyone? Indulge in a 'za paradise at Double Zero, where beautifully puffed crusts and irresistible toppings reign supreme. Each pie is a work of art; hand-stretched, garnished with authentic Italian ingredients, then kissed by flames in their wood-fired oven. While classics like margherita and Napoli grace the menu, dare to venture into the extraordinary with The Vulcano, featuring 'nduja, roasted jalapenos and hot honey, or the mezzaluna – the pizza-calzone hybrid you never knew you needed. With a corkage fee of just £1.50, you can feast on scrumptious pizza without worrying about splurging on drinks.

Double Zero BYOB Manchester | DesignMyNight

Every pizza at Double Zero is adorned with the crown jewel – Parmesan.


Your ticket to flavour town, Phetpailin is a homely, bustling gem delivering all your bold Thai favourites, from gai yang to khoa pad siam. We'd recommend sharing a pot of spicy hot and sour soup loaded with prawns, mussels, crab, squid, and scallops with a plate of tilapia, fried to crispy perfection and bathed in red curry, coconut milk, and kaffir lime leaves. The cherry on top? There's no corkage charge for the BYOB party. Plus, if you fancy a detour from your own bottles, there's a tasty lineup of fruity drinks and Thai iced tea.

Phetpailin BYOB Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNught

Looking for BYOB restaurants in Manchester city centre? Phetpailin is a no-brainer for a Thai feast that's big on taste and low on fuss.


Hidden in a charming corner of Withington, Aladdin is a culinary gem that deserves a spot on everyone's list of BYOB Manchester restaurants. Established way back in 1988, this spot specializes in Middle Eastern magic, mainly Lebanese and Syrian cuisines; we're talking a long list of traditional mezze, shawarma, kebabs, casseroles, and hearty stews. Decked out in quirky decor with soulful Arabic tunes playing in the background, this homely joint offers a corkage fee of only £1.

Aladdin BYOB Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNught

Aladdin is your ticket to a Middle Eastern feast that feels like a warm embrace.


A restaurant best for BYOB in Manchester, Hawksmoor in Deansgate is a renowned steakhouse bursting with historic charm. From gooey, fatty bone marrow to the decadent 1kg chateaubriand with a side of beef dripping chips, the steak options priced by weight offer a variety to suit every appetite. The best bit? Hawksmoor lets you bring your own booze. Enjoy a BYOB package every Monday with a £5 corkage fee (for other days, it's £25). So, grab that Vintage 1985 Moët & Chandon and savour it alongside Manchester's best meaty delights.

Hawksmoor BYOB Manchester | DesignMyNight

Steak your claim on a great time at Hawksmoor.


A Levantine gem cherished across the region, Yara is a modern Middle Eastern haven. With a longstanding BYOB policy for wine and beer at all its restaurants (£1 corkage), from Bury to Cheshire, Yara beckons diners to indulge in wonderfully affordable Lebanese and Syrian dishes without worrying about a hefty drinks tab. Dive into creamy baba ghanouj, savour a forkful of maklubeh, and give a big thumbs up to the delicious lamb sharhat.

Yara BYOB Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Whether it's a cheeky home delivery or a dine-in feast, Yara wins hearts everytime.

The Walled Gardens 

Not your typical dining affair, The Walled Gardens is an underground restaurant where veggie maestro Eddie Shepherd transforms his flat in Whalley Range into a culinary carnival. This supper club, limited to intimate eight diners per night, catapults you on a 12-course rollercoaster of wildly creative dishes like dandelion petal pastels and roast pumpkin soup with pine needles bursting with flavour, passion, and innovation. Oh, and it's BYOB with no corkage fee, so you can bring a bottle or two of your choice to elevate the dining experience (they also have a wine fridge that'll keep all your drinks chilled and ready to sip).

The Walled Gardens BYOB Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Bring your A-game, along with your preferred beverages, to The Walled Gardens.

Mughli Charcoal Pit

Mughli Charcoal Pit takes you back to the good ol' days of sizzling skewers and freshly baked tandoori bread. Established in 1991, this spicy joint has stood the test of time while many have come and gone. Sure, you'll find your classic curries on the menu, but the live tandoor section is truly where it's at, with straight-up dee-licious charcoal chicken thighs, seared lamb chops, and scorpion prawns on offer. Plus, if you're a student, you can bring your own bottle from Sunday to Thursday for no extra fee; just don't forget to flash your student card. 

Mughli Charcoal Pit BYOB Restaurant | DesignMyNight

Cheers to spicy nights and BYOB delights at Mughli Charcoal Pit.

Zena Restaurant

Nestled in West Didsbury, Zena Restaurant is a family-owned gem serving authentic, homely Levantine dishes perfect for a grand feast. Originating from the Middle East, with a dash of influence from the Turkish-Ottoman and Greek Empires, this cuisine (one of the oldest in the world) packs centuries of flavour into every bite. From meaty maklubieh to crispy lahembajeen, there's a plate for each palate. And after indulging in their savoury delicacies, you can wash it all down by bringing your fave booze (at no extra cost) or sipping on some refreshing mint tea.

Zena Restaurant BYOB Manchester | DesignMyNight

Prepare for a taste journey like no other at Zena.


Located on the corner of Richmond and Chorlton Street, Jasmine is your go-to neighbourhood BYOB joint serving a diverse range of traditional Lebanese goodies. This spicy haunt dishes out a selection of mouthwatering mixed grills, smoky babaghanouj, and mezze platters. Their star dish, however, is most definitely the lamb kebabs cooked to perfection over a charcoal grill. Head down for excellent service, affordable plates, no corkage fee and the best Middle Eastern food you'll ever taste.

Jasmine Middle Eastern BYOB Restaurant | DesignMyNight

Jasmine is the BYOB restaurant that's spicing up Barlow Moor Road.

Codi's Kitchen

Codi's Kitchen in Prestwich isn't just the first sushi spot in town – it's also one of the best bring-your-own-booze restaurants in Manchester, making it the ultimate double threat. Helmed by former Australasia chef Codi Sheldon, this pan-Asian gem boasts an impressive selection of sushi, crispy chilli chicken, and mouthwatering katsu curry. The corkage fee? A mere £2 per person. P.S. Don't miss out on the sizzling flavours of their hot-filled bao featuring Korean BBQ beef or mushroom garage. Yum, yum.

Codi's Kitchen BYOB Restaurant Manchester | DesignMyNight

Codi's Kitchen is a fusion of Asian flavours that promises a feast for the senses.

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