Where To Eat Chicken And Waffles In Manchester

A staple in American cooking, the holy pairing of juicy fried chicken and gloriously fluffy waffles has made its way over from the Atlantic and straight to our city. Topped off with golden syrup, eggs, bacon, and sometimes remixed into high-end takes or chucked on pizza, this favourite has truly been embraced by all. To help you get your fix? We’ve got a guide to the very best places to find chicken and waffles in Manchester here.


The One With Avo: The Anthologist

Chicken and waffles in Manchester city centre don't come much better than The Anthologist, especially if you're a lover of avocado. You'll find a healthy dollop of the stuff, alongside sour cream and hot honey, slathered on the dish here. Plus, the bar is whipping up spicy bloody marys and breakfast martinis to sip throughout.

The Anthologist Manchester Fried Chicken And Waffles | DesignMyNight

If you're wondering 'where are the best chicken and waffles near me?', then The Anthologist could be the answer. 

With Glass Slipper Cocktails: On The Hush

This chicken and waffle bottomless brunch in Manchester comes with a unique twist. For an extra fee, you can upgrade your On The Hush meal and have it washed down by those iconic glass slipper cocktails. For food? Expect these buttermilk babies smothered in syrup and on a bed of crisp but fluffy Belgian beauties.

On The Hush Chicken And Waffles Northern Quarter | DesignMyNight

Feel like a princess while getting your chicken fill here. 

Breakfast For Dinner: Yard & Coop

Proudly bringing you breakfast all the way until dinnertime are Yard & Coop, whose huge plate of grub is an unmissable menu item. Check out the poultry experts for melted honey butter and lashings of sweet maple syrup topping this treat, alongside buttermilk fried chicken breast with streaky bacon. Oh my. 

Yard And Coop Chicken And Waffles | DesignMyNight

These guys know what's cluck when it comes to halal chicken and waffles in Manchester.

As Bottomless Brunch: Impossible

Impossible have, of course, put their own spin on the classic chicken 'n' waffles for brunch in Manchester, adding in a good glug of bottomless booze to accompany. Chow down on a stack of baked batter, meat in a crispy coasting and rendered bacon, all drizzled with maple syrup. This and unlimited drinks cost just £35 per person.

Impossible Chicken And Waffles Manchester Bottomless Brunch | DesignMyNight

Staying true to form, Impossible have added in free-flowing drinks. 

The Morning Meal: Bird Of Prey

Having set up shop in Oxford Road's Circle Square development, Bird Of Prey was the new kid on the block last year - and now a chicken staple. When it comes to poultry paired with waffles and signature shakes, these guys have it down to a 'T'. The brunch stack here comes completed by turkey bacon bits, honey butter, maple syrup and peanut butter mousse, swoon.

Bird Of Prey Chicken And Waffles Manchester | DesignMyNight

Bird of Prey is the dedicated chicken place in Manchester for waffles.

The American Classic: Shack

Indulge through an early morning start at Shack, a trendy NQ restaurant that’s renowned for its American-style comfort food classics, from hearty burgers to loaded fries. After chicken and waffles for breakfast in Manchester? This place is filling up bellies with the famous plate topped off by bacon and syrup from 10am to 1pm every day.

Shack Manchester Chicken And Waffles Restaurants | DesignMyNight

Check out the brunch waffles at Shack, a quirky restaurant in the NQ.

On Pizza: Crazy Pedro’s 

Crazy Pedro’s have gone as far as to put the brunch staple on pizza, and we wouldn't expect anything less. This Deansgate eatery is giving diners slices that come covered in fried chicken, smoked bacon, maple syrup and waffles. Could this be the perfect hangover cure? Throw in some cocktails and find out for yourself…

Crazy Pedro's Chicken And Waffle Pizza Manchester | DesignMyNight

Looking for a unique way to eat this dish? Try pairing frozen margs with Crazy Pedro's pizza.

The Neighbourhood Fave: Smoke Yard

Found out in Oldham, Smoke Yard is a sociable space for indulging in an exciting range of food, cocktails and gin. Enjoy these breakfast waffles, where crispy chicken with bacon is drizzled with syrup and peanut sauce. Otherwise, you can opt for the buffalo buttermilk accompanied by hot sauce and blue cheese. But, make sure to add on filthy fries to both for the full shebang.

Smoke Yard American Chicken And Waffles Oldham | DesignMyNight

Nothing beats a classic, as this charming neighbourhood diner proves.

The Takeaway: Trap Kitchen

Born in London, with outposts in Birmingham and Manchester, Trap Kitchen takes a more is more approach when it comes to dining. The restaurant creates a daily menu for collection and uploads it to Instagram, with regular staples being seasoned lobster tail, succulent chicken and sugary sweet waffles with mac ‘n’ cheese.

Trap Kitchen Chicken And Waffles Takeaway Manchester | DesignMyNight

Trap kitchen have the whole 'it's so bad, it's good' thing down.

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