5 Reasons Manchester Is The Best For Gin

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Forget London, Manchester is the city that’s really flying the flag for gin-drinkers in Britain. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up the reasons we think the Northern powerhouse is killing it when it comes to creating, drinking and showcasing the finest juniper-derived creations that we know as the nation’s favourite spirit. Have a glance at our 5 reasons why Manchester is the best city in the UK for gin and sip away with pride.

Atlas Bar has an actual gin bible.

Last time they counted, this bar had around 500 different types of gin on its shelves, which is just a dizzying amount. To help their guests navigate their way through, Atlas Bar created a nifty guide, aka the Gin Bible, to assist in their quest for the perfect match from what seems to be every gin, ever created anywhere.

Atlas Bar | Gin In Manchester | DesignMyNight

Consult the bible before finding your gin of choice.

The Botanist is home to the record-breaking gin tasting.

Cramming 100 gin-lovers into their Manchester site, The Botanist helped to smash the world record along with seven other branches across the country. In total, 796 people sampled a flight of three gins from differing distillers and celebrated with free drinks and live music, the bar then swiftly extended its gin list. You might not break the world record yourselves, but it's always worth trying. 

The Botanist | Gin In Manchester | DesignMyNight

Sip, sip hooray - The Botanist hold a gin drinking world record. 

Allotment champions British gin drinking.

Nestled in the Northern Quarter is a bar that’ll make you feel like you’re in a summer garden even if there’s gale-force winds and rainstorms outside. Settle into The Allotmentthe quintessential British setting for a quintessentially British drink, such as the Lily Pad with Bloom Gin or the Rhubarbium with Slingsby Rhubarb gin, served in a cute little teapot.

The Allotment | Gin In Manchester | DesignMyNight

How cute is this oh-so British bar?

Cottonopolis serves up rare finds from Japan.

This bar really is a gem in Manchester’s drinking crown, mixing up creative concoctions inspired by Japanese culture and countryside. From distilleries in Kyoto Suntory and Sakurao, the gin collection at Cottonopolis is an impressive handpicked selection. They’ve even go so far as to create their own signature blend for creations like the gin, pineapple and spice bitter 'Shibui' cocktail. 

Cottonopolis | Gin In Manchester | DesignMyNight

The bar's sleek interiors are paired with equally swish gin creations. 

Manchester Gin, duh.

The final, and dare we say most important, reason why Manchester is coming up tops when it comes to its gin drinking, is that it's home to its very own bespoke creation. A brand that is so popular, Manchester Gin even opened its own bar, restaurant and onsite distillery to share its secrets. Now you can sample the award-winning blend of botanicals, including orange and lemon, liquorice and ground almonds, just a stone's throw from where it's made. 

Manchester Gin | Gin In Manchester | DesignMyNight

Manchester Gin trumps them all, and we aren't afraid to say it.