Quiet Bars in Manchester

Desperate to finish that chapter in the latest best seller? Need to catch up on those crucial emails but can't find the right place to relax? Look no further, we've found the coolest places to hide out on your dinner break or after work for an indulgent hour (or two) of me time. Lay back in comfy chairs and savour the smooth, delicious taste of that hard earned drink. Check out our recommendations for a selection of quiet bars in Manchester, getting your mitts on a quiet moment to yourself or with a chum.

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

Twice voted best pub in Manchester, The Briton's Protection offers quintessential pub features that will keep you relaxed and warm your cockles in the winter. There are two fireplaces for those that don't want to escape the comforts of home and a large beer garden outside if you fancy a green getaway in the heart of the city. 

Tib Street Tavern

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Notoriously busy at weekends, this sports bar is best visited during the week when there isn't a big game on telly. The venue is rather big when empty; you can hide away downstairs in one of the plush little booths and get lost in a book or some work. The bar has a good selection of wines, beers and ciders that will keep you topped up for as long as you need.

Terrace NQ

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Slip away from the bustling streets of the northern quarter and into this beautiful bar. On weekdays in the summer, the sun pours in through the door, giving an airy outdoor feel to this hidden gem. It's quiet during working hours so sneak out at lunch and beat the crowd to this easy going bar. Exposed brickwork and copper pipes transport you to the countryside, a perfect escape from the city. Vanilla and blackberry flavoured vodka topped with prosecco is guaranteed to deliver a little piece of heaven in the middle of your working week.


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An alternative venue sure to relax body and mind, common bar offers food, drink and art. Exhibitions run regularly for those with artistic inclinations, or just looking to see something unique. Tuck into a scrumptious lunch and peruse the gallery, freeing your mind from the trivial happenings of national and social media. If you're seeking refreshment of the cultural and psychological kind, this place should be your first choice.