England embarked on their World Cup campaign this weekend, but I think I may have embarked on something a little tastier. Boasting an air of carnival cool with the World Cup match for dessert (well, that and banoffee pie), Disappearing Dining Club once again proved why they're one of the most heralded dining events in the city at 'Road To Rio'; And I happened to be lucky enough to lock my lips around them.

The Venue

Disappearing Dining Club are pretty renowned for their unique event spaces, and too right; scoffing down under Hoxton arches of booming brickwork certainly added a little charm to dinner. What once was a photography studio, transformed into a cool palate of long dining tables, candelabras, an urban backdrop and a bar to boot, Disappearing Dining Club boasted unique simplicity in an irrevocably broody enviroment once the sun went down. 

disappearing dining club london 1

Boasting unique events in ever unique spaces, Disappearing Dining Club's Road to Rio was a Hoxton archway affair.

The Atmosphere

Informal dining at what could be its finest, Disappearing Dining Club make no bones about formality. Nestled in on grand dining tables, there was an atmosphere that simply couldn't be found at a restaurant. The nudge of elbows, a room purely lit by candlelight and a main meal served family style; romantics will have their amorous cake and eat it at an event like DDC. Don't be fooled though, eyes across the dinner table isn't the only schmoozing you'll find. While our event was uniquely tailored to the England match on a suitably big screen, (which, yes boys, you did a grand job on the pitch) it's clear that DDC straddle the line between sentimental and all out raucous. Following on from dinner with the match bustle and onto a party, this place livens up to no end, well on into the evening.

disappearing dining club event review london

From a broody dinner down to a roaring shindig, Disappearing Dining Club straddle a fun line between both.

The Food and Drinks

Celebrating the World Cup in the only way they know how, with a grand selection of grub, DDC kept dinner rife with the taste of Rio. While the cocktails were a fun taste of the tropical thanks to Watermelon Coolers, Heatwave Caipirinhas and, my favourite, the feisty Alua Festa, food was a wholly rich affair. Kicking off the event with Brazilian fried fare served canape style, before sitting down to a starter of Tiger Prawn and Squid salad coated in coconut, DDC wet our tastebuds, but it was the main I was hankering for. Salt grilled pacanha served with salpican salad, rice and black beans, we were told not to be greedy, but I kind of couldn't help it. More lashings of those beans please! All followed by banoffee pie, one of the most unusual 'Brazilian' dishes that night, DDC really kept palates in the room entertained.

disappearing dining club event review dining london

Brazilian fare served family style, Disappearing Dining Club pleased palate's all round.


Dinner will never be the same, and I just don't think that a Tesco ready meal and Ikea candle are quite going to cut it. Whether I was a football fan or not, this is a truly unique event that really escapes the stuffy formality of restaurant dining. A swoon worthy affair put on by a company that really envelope themselves into every detail, i'll be going back, and i'll probably be going back again after that.