Cowboys & Cocktails: Inside London's Wild West Immersive Experience

Published . By Olivia Turner.

As a lover of history, I've always wanted to time travel, but I am fully aware that I'm not Doctor Who and the chances of this happening are, well, slim to say the least. Walk 10 minutes from Aldgate Station, however, and you will find Moonshine Saloon, an immersive experience from the creative minds behind the popular Alcotraz. We were keen to check this one out, so spent our Friday night on a not-so-dry January packing to the American Wild West.

Moonshine Saloon London | DesignMyNight

Prepare to be transported to the Wild West.

To enter the Saloon, we were disguised as characters we'd assumed prior to the visit. I opted for the persona of a Pony Express Rider from Ticklenaked Pond and stepped into the part using a questionable Southern American accent that became more unrecognisable as the evening progressed. Luckily, the four of us were convincing enough to gain entry, so we stepped away from the city into the Western town of Coldwater.

Kitted out with cowboy hats and bandanas provided to us by Moonshine owner Lauralie, my fellow outlaws and I were ready to embrace life as bootleggers. Our choice of poison for the evening was rum, and we were sneaky enough to smuggle a bottle through the swinging doors of the Saloon without being caught by the Sheriff.

Moonshine Saloon London Review | DesignMyNight

Smuggle in your favourite liquor for bespoke cocktails at Moonshine Saloon.

As we took our seats, the drinks came streaming in. We were quickly served up a passionfruit cocktail to let the evening commence. Card games and dice were also on the table, and we enjoyed a couple of games with Lauralie’s brother, Jonny. It was cocktails by the barrel-load, as we were fuelled by a berry-based beverage that had been carefully presented by the barkeeps.

Next, a lavender-infused sip packed a punch, adding to the growing Dutch courage that led us to become more involved with the plot as time went on. To finish, we were served a light lychee concoction, which topped off the evening’s events perfectly. The Sheriff had been suspicious about Lauralie’s moonshine distillery in the town, and it was our task throughout the evening to keep things quiet on her behalf. What unfolded from here? I’ll leave y’all to find this one out for yourselves.

Moonshine Saloon London Review | DesignMyNight

Got what it takes to win this game?

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Roll up your outlaws and wet your whistle down at the Moonshine Saloon because this experience is sure to send you straight to the Wild West. The hard work of choosing cocktails is done for you by the barkeepers, who rustle up a selection of drinks using your favourite liquor, so long as you're crafty enough to smuggle it in. Y’all would be crazy to miss it.

  💰 The damage: tickets range from £36.99, plus a bottle of liquor.

  📍  The location: Houndsditch.

  👌 Perfect for: Hen and stag dos, occasions, and a good laugh with your mates.

 ⭐ Need to know: You'll choose your character before the evening, so get ready to play.