What Happened When We Tried To Rob A Bank - Our Review Of Escape Entertainment

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Added on . By Faith Strickland.

Escape Entertainment

Team DesignMyNight take on Escape Entertainment in the City.

I’ve found myself in many sticky situations on a night out, from sprinting away from a towering German bouncer after my friend 'borrowed' a glass during Oktoberfest , to returning to Tiger Tiger in pyjamas to find a missing comrade, but never have I found myself with one hour on the clock to steal the crown jewels.

Billed as one of London’s top escape room experiences, Escape Entertainment offers two challenges; either stealing the crown jewels, or for larger groups, escaping the police in a Prohibition-themed room. Located in the City, the first challenge is finding the place, which is hidden amongst nondescript office blocks and down a flight of slightly creepy stairs. The scene is set straight away with a huge entrance room filled with grand-looking Chesterfield sofas and a corridor with a series of ominous looking doors. I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets, but Escape Entertainment is best done if you don’t know what to expect.

What can I tell you? Expect to be locked in a room with five other people for up to an hour. The complexity of the game is extremely well done, with so many little tasks and clues dotted everywhere, each member of our team was constantly busy trying to work something out. Just when you felt like throwing a paddy and giving up, the clue would reveal itself or a new task would appear. There were so many layers and sections, that no matter what your strength, you could contribute in some way. If you get really stuck there’s a phone to call for a clue, but you will lose time. While Escape Entertainment might not look like much from the outside, don’t be fooled, this is a seriously fun and gripping hour spent in the city; grab a group of friends, take your colleagues, or leaflet randoms on the street, this is a brilliant bonding activity.

Escape Entertainment takes place at George Yard, EC3V 9DH, and tickets start from £26, which you can buy here.