Solidifying my unexpected foray into the risqué world of cabaret and burlesque events, I happily accepted an invitation to trial out the renowned Wam Bam Club at Bloomsbury Ballrooms. Promising delicious food, a convivial atmosphere, impressive performance art and a raucous after-party, I mentally prepared my porcelain skin for some serious blushing and headed down to see what the night was all about. 

The Venue and Ambience 

Enter into the Bloomsbury Ballrooms and you’re immediately welcomed by two corset clad beauties - warm and friendly but undeniably tantalising – who direct you down to the main bar area. Once you’re in you’ll notice the roaming cast members (who are as easy-on-the-eye as the hostesses) and a lavish décor; think golds, blacks and warm colours in a boudoir setting. Head through to the main ballroom and it’s a whole other story. Opulence personified, the room is doused with white table cloths, vibrant lights and an instant buzz that hits you as soon as you walk in. The vibe is as lively as the show with plenty of interaction, whoops and cheers throughout. The after-party is much of the same; expect a fun-time post-show party filled with dancing, drinking and plenty of cheeky behaviour. 

Wam Bam Club

Clap, cheer and whoop to your heart's content. It's encouraged. 

The Entertainment 

A sass-Queen, Lady Alex expertly ruled over the show for the evening. A crass but lovable temptress, she had the audience eating out the palm of her hand for the duration of the evening. Accompanied by her troupe of titillating Buff Boys and Belles, jaw-dropping acrobats, sizzling burlesque acts and comedic performers, the evening happily drifted through a number of disciplines and genres, with the ever-rowdy audience bellowing for more after each act. Particular highlights were the Scales of the Unexpected vocal group, the Hula-Hoop performance and the gravity-defying acrobat.

Wam Bam Club

Agh - will he fall, won't he fall? I hope not.

The Food and Drink 

We opted for the three course meal option, and it was well worth doing so. I went for the fishcakes to start, thyme and rosemary chicken for the main, and the oriental panacotta for dessert, all three of which were completely delicious. The service throughout the event was nigh-on seamless, with the waiting staff expertly dipping in and out to cater to the guests, without ever interrupting the show. Champagne aplenty, there's no room for shrinking violets at the Wam Bam Club. My advice to you: grab a Porn Star Martini and go with it. You'll find people on their feet and dancing even before the raucous after-party begins; you should always start as you mean to go after all...

Wam Bam Club

Sexy, Funny and Fabulous - the Wam Bam Club's got it all.


Abundantly clear from the moment you enter the event, is that every success the Wam Bam Club boasts is well and truly in the detail. Couple that with an unrivalled electric atmosphere and lively entertainment, and it’s pretty easy to see why the evening is so popular. Loads of laughs and crudeness aplenty, I’d definitely recommend a visit to the Wam Bam Club.