New bar spy - Heddon Street Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay Group Introduce New West End Site

Heddon Street Kitchen

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10 Nov

What they say:

A relaxed environment that suits a breezy breakfast as much as it suits a fully-fledged dinnertime feast. That’s what Ramsay’s team are hoping to create at this latest venture in the heart of the West End. A skilled culinary team will plate up modern European food seven days a week, and there’s going to be room for a cocktail lounge, private dining room, wine-tasting bar and ice-cream cocktail bar too.

What we say:

In Maria Tampakis, Heddon Street Kitchen has a head chef with a glittering résumé. With experience at New York’s Jean-Gorges and Bread Street Kitchen under her belt, first-rate fare should come as standard here. We’re also psyched to prop up the ice-cream bar, which will offer a unique twist on Ramsay’s previous ventures in mouth-watering fashion.