New bar spy - Yamagoya

Japanese ramen shop founded more than 40 years ago opens first permanent London site


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Now Open

What they say:

What started as a Japanese truck driver's dream in 1969 has now become a fully fledged ramen shop in London. Following a successful pop-up run on Shaftesbury Avenue, Yamagoya is opening a permanent restaurant on The Cut near Waterloo. The new restaurant will follow the same decor theme as the very first Japanese outpost with minimalist interiors and Shoji wood panelling. The menu will be as crowd-pleasing as ever, with ramen dishes and a new 'rainbow cake', a completely transparent, droplet-like dish that melts in your mouth.

What we say:

There's nothing quite as comforting as ramen, especially when it's made with more than 40 years of experience. It's little wonder then that Yamagoya has proved so successful that it has opened a permanent restaurant in Waterloo. There will be the venue's namesake ramen, which consists of tonkotsu broth, pork belly, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and an egg. There will also be a take-away counter serving Japanese sandwiches with fillings such as chicken katsu curry.