MeatUp No missed steak, there's a new grill restaurant headed to Wandsworth
350 Old York Road, London, SW18 1SS
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

A meaty mark-up from a name behind Raffles and Libertine, a new grill restaurant takes shape in the heart of Wandsworth courtesy of Sachin Khanna. Not only curating a menu of British steak, killer burgers and superfood salads, chargrilled lobster is set alongside drinks the likes of Bibendum sourced Prosecco and craft beers from Meantime in a space that boasts communal dining and kitchen counter seating.

What we say:

The UK's vegetarian army has been truly mounting as of recent, and I personally think that's with good really president, but there's still plenty of places that cater for the carnivore in you, and this new Wandsworth haunt is one of them. Looking markedly charming from their illustrated mark up, and clearly sourcing thoughtfully and responsibly, the hearty of Wandsworth will have a prime new place to gorge on the grill and nuzzle in globally renowned Prosecco bottles.