New bar spy - Ceremony

Reimagined British Classics & Inventive Cocktails On The Cards At Tufnell Park's Newest Vegetarian Restaurant


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What they say:

Ceremony is a new British restaurant that hopes to wow foodies in North London with its menu of reimagined classics and intriguing cocktails. Setting up shop on Fortess Road, the restaurant is the brainchild of former Honey and Milk bartender Joe Stokoe and the creative director behind London Beer Week Ali Dedianko. Though this was never the intention, the food menu is completely meat-free and instead uses seasonal ingredients to create its lineup of traditional plates.

What we say:

Details are still pretty thin at present, but we do know that Ceremony hopes to be a vegetarian restaurant unlike any other. As the founders explain, their aim was to recreate and serve 'delicious food that happens to not have meat'. Now although that still leaves us pretty clueless, we've heard the team wish to make vegetarian dishes that aren't strictly healthy and that are, in fact, pretty indulgent. Stokoe and Dedianko are both experienced in London's nightlife circles and will have a good understanding of what it takes for a new restaurant to do survive and thrive. We reckon the venue has to hold onto its high quality, fresh flavours to do well, but only time will tell.