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New Irish pub Mc & Sons will serve Thai food alongside your Guinness

Mc & Sons

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What they say:

Forget Guinness and traditional dumplings, this new Irish pub is serving Thai food alongside its massive beer offering. Mc & Sons is combining two nations as the traditional pub looks and feels like an Irish boozer but serves authentic Thai cuisine inspired by Chaing Mai in the north of the country. Expect decor such as historic photos, wooden benches and cosy corners, while the restaurant cooks up homely Thai dishes for dinner service in the evening, or if you're in a rush come lunchtime, there will also be take-away boxes priced at around £5.50.

What we say:

Taking over the spot formerly occupied by The Charles Dickens in Southwark, Mc & Sons is the latest pub by The Windmills Taverns Group. Headed up by two sons and their father, the group has a distinctive family feel with pubs including The Windmill and Jack's. Now, they're adding another venue to their collection; Mc & Sons will serve Thai dishes such as papaya salad, pork noodles and banana chips, all alongside an ever-changing selection of beer.