Red Dog Saloon Soho - London Restaurant Bar Review

Meat fanatics and barbeque fans, I come bearing good great news. Red Dog Saloon have planted their feet in Soho. I think it’s time to make more room in our diets for Southern barbeque food and ice cold margaritas, don’t cha think?


Red Dog Saloon doesn’t boast a lot of space but it has the advantage of being an intimate venue. Long, leather seats line the right hand side of the venue with wooden chairs and tables stealing the remainder of the space. The venue's trademark antlers are scattered over a feature wall alongside vintage pictures and posters in black photo frames. The venue, as a whole, praises the vibe of a Southern saloon with minimum furnishings and little interfering when it comes to decor. The lighting is low, which comes in handy when you want to wipe that smear of barbeque sauce from your chin with a bit of dignity.

Black photo frames and dim lighting create a sexy, Southern saloon vibe. 

Food and Drink

I’m going to let you in on a secret. When picking and choosing a cocktail, I always forget about the Margarita. I know…what the hell. Don’t worry; Red Dog’s cocktail menu swiftly took care of this little problem. It boasts a brilliant collection of the tequila based tipple which can be served three different ways. Yes, you should be impressed.

Waiting for my Fried Catfish (£5.75) (that can be ordered in 3, 6 or 9 pieces might I add) I sipped on the venues expertly shaken Blackberry Margarita (£7.95). This variation was sweet and quite possibly, my favourite drink of the night.  

After nibbling through each crispy piece I and my friend waited for our mains. The Ribs and Pulled Pork Combo (£17.50) that comes with two sides immediately caught our eye and made ordering easy peasy lemon squeezy. I really underestimated the size of this dish (and my stomach come to think of it). It is huge and worth every penny if you can finish it that is. The mountain of pulled pork was hickory smoked and full of meaty flavour.  As for the rack of ribs, they were glazed and sweet, a real carnivores dish. Want an insider tip? This combo goes down a treat with a spicy Jalapeno and Pineapple Margarita (£8.15).

Between the two of us, our side orders included Fries, Onion Rings, Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Coleslaw. The Mac and Cheese was the obvious winner here; it was gooey, cheesy heaven. It was sometime during the middle my meal that I put down my knife and fork and wished I had a second stomach. Red Dog Saloon bet me, I physically couldn’t fit one more mouthful into my greedy gob. I did however wash everything down with a few glasses of Prosecco (£4.75)

Red Dog Saloon know what they're at when it comes to providing a meat feast. 

Atmosphere and Clientele

Many things contribute to a venues overall feel but for me, Red Dog’s calm and cool atmosphere is largely credited to its staff. They welcome the hustle and bustle of Soho with wide smiles and open arms. There was no need for me to awkwardly try and catch my server’s attention for another round of Margaritas. Nope, not in this place; the staff are on the ball.

It didn’t come as any surprise that Red Dog Saloon was jam packed with men (it is a meat joint after all). My friend and I were the only female table in the joint, but truth be told, I didn’t mind, not one bit. If you’re ever on the prowl for a man, don’t bother with Tinder, go to Red Dog people. Just don’t expect to look sexy ordering a rack of ribs.

Red Dog might lure in the lads with meat but they have strong cocktails for the ladies. 


Red Dog Saloon Soho has what it takes to dominate Berwick Street. Their menu takes a smart bow to everything barbeque and they harbour an addictive collection of Margaritas that just can’t be ignored. If you’re not a meat lover give this place a try, I’m sure they’ll change your mind.