Blacklock Chops and cocktails from ex-Hawksmoor whizz
24 Great Windmill Street, London, W1D 7LG
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What they say:

Blacklock brings expertly grilled chops and happily affordable cocktails to a cool Soho basement space. Gordon Ker (of Hawksmoor fame) brings his chilled out concept to a former brothel on Great Windmill Street, where guests will tuck into beef, pork, lamb and veal chops cooked over charcoal. There’s wine on tap, and classic cocktails are all yours for as little as £5.

What we say:

There’s also to be a scolding hot vintage iron grill at work in the kitchen, which promises cuts of meat that are as crisp on the outside as they are tender in the inside. The venue will offer among the cheapest cocktails in Soho, and the easy-going, communal nature of this new jaunt should make for a jovial atmosphere in which to enjoy a carnivorous feast.