Tonic and Remedy Please-me potions from new apothecary inspired restaurant in Shoreditch
151-157 City Road, London, EC1V 1JH
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Nabbing a plucky plot under the eye-swaddling optical illusion that is the new M By Montcalm Hotel on City Road in Shoreditch, Tonic & Remedy is a new apothecary inspired restaurant bar from Great British Menu's Paul Welburn and Benedictine's Jeremy Pascal. Sitting at the summit of seasonal picking and plucking, Tonic & Remedy have cultivated a cocktail and sharing plates menu of botanical ingredients and fresh fevours, all sourced from a selection of 'small and interesting suppliers'.

What we say:

While many bucked the botanical boozing trend, foraging for flavour still seems to be pretty pickings for some of London's newest ventures. Keeping your innards whistle clean with sensibly sourced plates and cocktails the likes of their 'Patience and Thyme' with gin, thyme and smoked egg, the verdant vibes of Tonic and Remedy promise hankerings that will likely have Shoreditch patrons propping up across allotments in a suburban area near you soon. And they won't keep off the grass.