New bar spy - The Vurger Co

Vegan junk food restaurant The Vurger Co is opening a permanent restaurant in Shoreditch

The Vurger Co

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What they say:

Shoreditch's latest vegan restaurant is proving to be wildly popular, despite not being open yet. Pop-up The Vurger Co is getting a permanent restaurant thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, which raised more than £180,000 in under 72 hours. The permanent space will have room for 30 diners and will be moments from Brick Lane. Food-wise, the company will stick with what they know - vegan junk food which comes in the form of four burgers, mac 'n' cheese and milkshakes. 

What we say:

Without an animal product in site, it's little wonder that The Vurger Co's epic burgers have garnered a dedicated following. Fans will now be able to munch their way through a completely vegan menu in Shoreditch including items such as Tabasco Auberger - aubergine, red onion and chickpeas - and three other burgers. Drinks will also be vegan, with a choice of beers and wines and dairy-free milkshakes.