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This New Shoreditch Restaurant Has The World's First Completely Waterproof Dining Room

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

What they say:

This latest addition to the Shoreditch eating scene could be a game changer. This bright, bold, outlandish restaurant on Curtain Road is not one for the snotty small talkers - in fact they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to "straightbacks and polite small talk". With gorgeous pink and neon interiors, eclectic food and drink menus, and a fully waterproof private dining area - perfect for people with messy friends and friends who are a mess - there's an obvious devil-may-care attitude forming the backbone to Rascals. 

What we say:

Shoreditch is due for a shock when Rascals turns up. Claiming to have a zero tolerance policy for uptightness in any form, Rascals is the neon pink hang out spot we've all been waiting for. From its Speedtini (the thrill-seeking sister of the espresso martini) to the 100% waterproof private dining area, everything about this latest addition to the Curtain Road restaurant scene is in your face, audacious and indulgent. With a menu that proffers Sticky Pig Belly and Big Bouncy Burrata, it's clear to see this cheeky streak runs deep.