Petit Pois New French bistro in Hoxton from the brains behind Happiness Forgets
8-9 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Photo Credit: Addie Chinn

A sit-down ethic and cocktail notoriety has always befallen Happiness Forgets, but the cocktail plot not only has a new neighbour above, it's by the very same fella that invented it in the first place. Brought to Hoxton by Ali Burgess, Petit Pois is just that, and intimate 25 strong restaurant with bar brick, marble top tables and bistro flair aplenty. Guests can expect a step away from Happiness with a wine-forward menu alongside plates the likes of duck confit and mussels.

What we say:

Not only does the Burgess name stand in good hospitality stead, making Petit Pois a lip licker from the off, his new tangent venture in food is sure to follow the same thoughtful ethic as below. Sit down for dinner upstairs, and sit down for cocktails downstairs, just remember that this could be some of the best food and drink in Hoxton.