New bar spy - Leroy

Michelin-Starred team closing Hackney's Ellory to open casual bar in Shoreditch


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What they say:

If Ellory was all about fine-dining and Michelin Stars then Leroy, the team's latest venue, is far more casual, French and fun. The owners have shut Ellory and opened Leroy in Shoredith while keeping all the same staff. The new space is an opportunity for head chef Sam Kamienko to show off skills learnt in Paris through small plates, tapas, and shellfish, all condensed into a set lunch and easy dinner menu. The bar is also cooking up treats with vermouth and armaro being made in-house, and a choice of more than 100 wines.

What we say:

It's out with the old and in with the new; Ellory in Hackney may have only been around for a couple of years but the gang behind have goen out with a bang. Leroy has taken its place, and the new eatery serves well-sourced, homely and utterly delicious dishes. Named after multiple mispronunciations of Ellory, Leroy is ditching the image of its predecessor albeit with the same team, through a brand new menu at more affordable prices and wine sourced from their Italian-based Vigneti Tardis. Moments from Old Street, the new place aims to entice the working crowd too, with a range of quick lunches.