The London Shell Co Anchors Up as the London Shell Co. opens a floating restaurant on Regent's Canal
Prince Regent Canal Sheldon Sqaure, London, W2 6EP
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What they say:

The London Shell Co. has always delivered with their stunning pop-ups, but taking on the ultimate challenge, the team now open a permanent restaurant. Shunning convention however, they've opted to set up shop in a canal boat that floats on the idyllic Regent's Canal. The chefs will plate up a seasonal seafood menu that includes Morecambe Bay oysters, smoked cod's roe and queen scallops served with pea puree, while the bar offers a selection of fine wines, international spirits and signature, London-inspired cocktails.  

What we say:

Say the name London Shell Co. to us and watch as our faces immediately light up. The team already have a reputation in London's culinary circles, thanks to their stunning pop-ups, and undoubtedly using only the freshest seafood available, we're convinced the food they place in front of their guests is going to please everyone. But a permanent restaurant is a completely different kettle of fish (please excuse the pun). Central to their success will be their wandering feet. The Regent's Canal is perfect for this floating restaurant concept and will probably see their name elevated to a new level of stardom.