New bar spy - The Cheese Barge

A Floating Cheese Restaurant Is Coming To London From The Same Team As The Cheese Conveyor Belt

Published . By Faith Strickland.

The Cheese Barge


Now Open

It started with a dairy-filled bar, then a cream-crammed conveyor belt, and now Mathew Carver has even more brie-lliant news for the capital.

Along with Camden's Cheese Bar and the famous Pick & Cheese, Carver is adding a third string to his bow with The Cheese Barge. Set to be permanently moored in Paddington this spring, the barge is currently being built in Somerset. Inspired by Venice's book shop Electa, the vessel will have space for 40 in the lower dining room, while the upper deck roof terrace will be open to the elements and designed for people to enjoy drinks and lighter meals.

As ever, this curd-crazy gang have created a menu that's set to float our boat. On The Cheese Barge Paddington menu? Head chef Reagan Ellenbroek is combining British ingredients with local cheeses to create dishes that include the likes of Windrush Goats’ curd with lamb scrumpets and pickled walnuts, and a washed rind cheese served with smoked mackerel and treacle soda bread. For those looking to sun themselves on the top deck, cheese and charcuterie boards have goodies such as Quicke's Cheddar curds, curried and tossed and honey, as well as a cured sausage laced with Northern Irish Young Buck.