Cube Unique Japanese food and a hidden bar found in new Mayfair restaurant Cubé
4 Blenheim Street, London, W1S 1LB
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What they say:

Authentic Japanese cuisine is the goal of Cubé, serving up traditional Japanese dishes that are rarely found outside of the country itself. The venue is designed by the people behind famous Chinatown spot Bubblewrap – which you probably know as the one with queues running down the street. Well, this venue is a bit more of a simplistic affair: the upstairs restaurant is all smooth wooden panelling and wooden furnishings, from the small dining space (only able to hold 18 diners) to the six-strong omakase counter. Downstairs you’ll find Kakurega, which means ‘hidden bar’. The design is similarly dark and intimate, with only twelve people able to fit inside.

What we say:

If you think you love Japanese food, you might not have seen anything yet. Cubé’s menu is full of dishes you won’t find in many places in the capital, with plates like Histumabushi, a signature dish of the city Nagoya that’s a variation on the grilled eel and steamed rice meal Unadon. You’ll also find Shigureni, a braised beef dish, and Udon with black olive and truffle pesto. The hidden bar Kakurega has a very concise menu, offering up just seven cocktails like Okinawa Old Fashioned and Smoky Negroni, as well as rare bottles of Sake, Japanese whisky and wines.