Black Roe A new Hawaiian restaurant in London? That's poké by us.
4 Mill Street, London, W1S 2AX
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Kurt Zdesar and chef Jordan Sclare may have set the dinner bar with Chotto Matte, but he's back and larking around in Hawaii with his latest opening. Dedicated to poké and one of the only restaurants of its kind in London, Black Roe is in pure homage to the Hawaiian fish salad with classic dishes and dressings alongside carob wood grilled meats, oysters and seafood.

What we say:

While the most i've ever known about poké-ing have been a few hap hazard stalks on Facebook, Black Roe is a restaurant that could teach the city a thing or two about the beloved Hawaiian dish. Clearly tailored, and lending itself to a menu that reeks with thought, creativity and classic flavours combined, Black Roe takes the place of a previously unsuccessful Bouillabaisse restaurant to hopefully turn things around and bring London a dish that wouldn't look too out of place at a luau.