Fancy Crab New Marylebone restaurant will be specialising in world's most expensive type of crab
92 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 3RD
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What they say:

The world's most expensive variety of crab, red king crab, is the focal point for new restaurant Fancy Crab in Marylebone. The swish spot has opened up in the former spot of Black and Blue Steakhouse on Wigmore Street and, as well as a restaurant, has two bars. The menu is largely a variety of crab dishes, with seafood sides and a few meat plates such as burgers and a whole, charcoal-cooked chicken.

What we say:

From Singapore-style with chilli through to hot buttered and with hollandaise, Fancy Crab is serious about their crustaceans. The new restaurant is serving red king crab that is naturally found in the waters surrounding Alaska and Russia and can have a leg span of nearly 2m; go in a group to the new spot and you could order a whole one. If you're not crazy about crabs the seafood restaurant also serves sides such as scallop ceviche, oysters and tuna tartare.