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Lupins brings seasonal British small plates with a global twist to London Bridge


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What they say:

Coming from the masterminds behind catering pop-up The Cooking Collective, Lupins aims to fuse seasonal British ingredients with global flavours to create a concept they call ‘sunshine food’. And the name is no mistake: the venue also moulds the exposed brickwork of the railway arch of Flat Iron Square with more homely flourishes, such as light wood panelling and walls adorned with poems written in a rose gold font to create both a homely and contemporary London aesthetic. It’s not all about food and aesthetics: they’ve put a lot of effort into their drinks menu, collecting a variety of interesting craft beers, wines and offering a house cocktail that changes monthly.

What we say:

The food scene in London Bridge has exploded recently with an increasing number of venues and pop-ups utilising the space within the railway spaces, and Lupins will probably be a much-welcomed addition with its innovative approach to British cuisine. Using seasonal British ingredients is slowly becoming something of a staple for new London restaurants, yet Lupins aims to give their dishes a twist by incorporating global tastes to create brand new flavours. This means, amongst their menu of small plates and snacks, there are delectable dishes such as polenta crusted anchovies with wild garlic and onion salad or sumac lamb scrumpets and pomegranate molasses. The wine list continues with the homely, welcoming theme, with the majority of them supplied from independent wine company Smashing wines, meaning there’s a variety of natural, organic and biodynamic bottles to enjoy.