New bar spy - Yard Sale Pizza Leytonstone

Expect affordable pizzas and guest chefs at Yard Sale Pizza's Leytonstone site

Yard Sale Pizza Leytonstone

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What they say:

Yard Sale Pizza are known for two things: being affordable and, uh, pizza, really. So it’s good news for fans of delicious pies that don’t break the bank in East London, because they’ll be bringing their fourth site to Leytonstone. From their open kitchen you can see the pizzas being baked in their signature Gozney oven, which will be extra tantalising while you sit on their two rows of seating with full view of it. The venue will have quirky touches, like table tops made from recycled chopping boards, neon signs on the wall, and there’s merchandise too. Come the summertime, prepare to drink beer and eat pizza in their outside area.

What we say:

Sure, it’s relatively healthy for your wallet, but what’s it like for the taste buds? Well, each pie is handmade from double-fermented dough, coming in a sensible 12” or a your-mum-wouldn’t-approve 18”. On the menu expect to find additions like Holy Pepperoni, made from Napoli picante, crumbled Nduja sausage and Cobble Lane pepperoni. There’s also regular ‘Love Ins’, where guest chefs from other restaurants lend their talents for speciality pizzas. As for drinks, expect a standard round of craft beers, soft drinks and wines.