MOD Pizza Leicester Square - London Restaurant Review

Last updated . By Liv Fitzsimons.

Pizza might seem like one of the most basic examples of a meal to eat and make but that would simply be incorrect. There’s a science to the art of crafting a pizza and many things to consider; from the crust and crunch, to the cheese and sauce ratio, and that's before even considering toppings. Some people prefer piling everything on where others want a more balanced slice. You could say that the way we like our pizzas is representative of who we are in life. 

MOD Pizza was launched in 2008. Their motto highlights a speedy process of ordering and baking time to deliver their customers high-quality pizza that’s easily accessible and reasonably priced. After making pizzas successfully in the US, they have brought their pizza across the pond to be enjoyed by the British, but just how well is it going down?

Venue and Atmosphere

The venue felt very American with its red, blue, and black colour scheme. The modern, industrial-style decor made the space feel open but was not cold. With two floors and a variety of seating, from high tables to sitting on the window sill, the space can accommodate a large crowd. The atmosphere was definitely right for the concept, inviting yet made for people who are on the go and don’t want to stay long.

Nothing creates more anticipation than handing a hungry girl her buzzer as she watches her crafted pizza that was customised with everything she loves on it into the oven. And alas, the wait was worth it; when it came out the beauty was crisp and ready to be devoured. 


Styled with modern touches like wood table-tops and contemporary lighting, MOD Pizza's interior feels very open.

Food and Drink

For just £7.87, you can get their 11’ pizza with any and all of the toppings that they have to offer. Prices vary for their mini pizza, double crust pizza, or gluten-free and vegan options. However, their options to accommodate all kinds of pizza lovers are both welcomed and appreciated. 

For those who are looking for something other than pizza, their salads work the same way. With a base choice of four, you can add on all the extra toppings your heart desires. Their sides include a garlic bread on the pizza crust, which comes out cheesy, soft, and deliciously warm. Add on the sauces that tug on your heartstrings (we inhaled the pesto sauce, not so much the red sauce). Although, beware that the sauces are served chilled which might not be your cup of tea, with a warm flatbread; but nonetheless, were scoffed in a matter of mere minutes.

After consulting the menu, I thought I had it sussed; however, upon ordering I found myself flustered, wanting to put everything on my slice, regardless of whether I actually liked it. I finally settled for my classic go-tos, chicken and spice. My thin-crust 11’ had red sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, crushed red pepper, garlic, and jalepeños on it. My companion had red sauce, mozzarella, feta, and mild sausage on hers. I immediately was struck by how thin yet crispy the crust and base were, much to my excitement. 

For beverages, they offer a range of cold drinks, craft beer, and real juices and lemonades. We had to try the lemonade; I stuck with the original which was both tart and refreshing while my friend enjoyed a mix of the mango and strawberry lemonade. Free refills were very much appreciated after I took a few bites into my spiced up slice. 


Get your hands on MOD Pizza's classic thin-crust 11' and add any and all of the toppings you want.


With pizza starting at £7.87, you definitely get your money’s worth for what you order. The staff are friendly and can offer both advice for tackling the toppings bar and are extremely patient when you can’t make up your mind. MOD Pizza is the perfect spot to stop by when you’re in a rush but don’t want to miss out on a good meal. Even though the portions aren't massive, they are more than filling and I left with a nice take-home box. If you’re looking to splash out on all of the toppings and sides, sit downstairs so it’s easier when your friends have to roll you home.