Drake and Morgan King's Cross - London Restaurant Review

Location, location, location. Drake and Morgan opens its ninth venue in one of London’s busiest areas of the city. Serving a variety of dishes and cocktails to businessmen, tourists, and locals alike, this branch of Drake and Morgan is central for them all.

The Venue

Nestled in Pancras Square amongst office buildings and the rail stations, Drake and Morgan can be found with two levels of bars, an open kitchen to watch the masterminds at work, and year-long outdoor seating. Downstairs is filled with large booths and background music for chatting amongst friends, while upstairs has both high and low tables for after-work drinks with colleagues or date night with your beau. The entire space is decorated with bronze accents, comfortable seating, and low lighting to set the mood. Bookcases and shelves greet you when you enter, making guests feel like they’re eating in their own home or a friend's abode. We visited mid-week but the restaurant space was still buzzing with after-work crowds relaxing after a long day and old friends catching up on old times.

Drake and Morgan at King's Cross Bar Area

Drake and Morgan at King's Cross is decorated with bronze accents and a mixture of table types.

Food and Drink

After being seated and greeted by a lengthy craft, classic, and inspired cocktail menu, choosing which to drink from the selection was harder than it seemed. Many options were intriguing but eventually decided upon the inspired Rum Smash and classic Whisky & Soda (both £7.95). The fruit from the Rum Smash controlled the taste of this glass, which wasn’t a bad thing and old habits are hard to break with a Whisky & Soda, a friendly classic for a reason. Service was quick, but did not make us feel rushed, and soon we were greeted by our small plates. I can’t pass up burrata whenever it’s on a menu and the Heirloom Tomatoes (£6.95) were no exception. The burrata, avocado, and tomato trio is a medley not miss. The Chicken Satay (£5.95) had great presentation but the star of this dish is the peanut sauce on the side. The sauce was thick like peanut butter, making your simple lunch spread feel classy. Starters made us eager for our mains, the Sirloin Steak (£13.95) and Chicken Coconut Curry (£12.95). Both followed suit with the starters, beautiful presentation and taste to match. The steak was cooked medium and the curry was spiced, both to perfection.

Last but certainly not least, if I can leave you with one word of advice at Drake and Morgan: leave room for dessert. I have a large sweet tooth so this was a priority of mine and the Cappuccino Semi-Freddo (£5.95) had a tough judge awaiting. The presentation took me by surprise as the waitress brought over a simple cappuccino cup topped with foam. Although I knew part of this dish must’ve been cold (hence the semi-freddo) I almost wanted to blow cool air at the mug just in case. The ice cream was packed with flavor and the mini doughnuts on the side deserve mention just because they were adorable.

Drake and Morgan at King's Cross Steak

Head Chef, David Green has curated a menu with emphasis on the grill and comforting large dishes.

Atmosphere and Clientele 

Upon arrival, the staff were attentive, personable, and friendly. Despite the smaller crowd due to the mid-week timing, the staff left us feeling like even on a busy night, guests would be taken care of. The mid-week crowd around us seemed to be comprised of late after work drinks and bites amongst colleagues and friends, groups of friends catching up over a bottle of wine, and a few couples out for a casual dine.


Any place that can match the taste and wallet of both the budget-minded and the free-spender, is a winner in my book. Drake and Morgan has both classic and unique dishes with varying prices in every course. Guests can easily find anything on the menu to satisfy any customer with different palates. The ninth opening of the Drake and Morgan franchise is a large win for King’s Cross and the greater London area.