New bar spy - Silver Lining

Every Cloud bar now has a Silver Lining as sister restaurant opens with a menu of seasonal small plates

Silver Lining

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What they say:

At first there was Every Cloud bar, but nothing seemed right with the world until, finally, they opened a restaurant next door called Silver Lining. This is Hackney, after all, and you can’t get a license from the council unless you have a cutesy name lined up. Sitting next to its mate’s-living-room sister bar, Silver Lining is all about seasonal small plates and relaxed vibes, with just a tad more lighting than Every Cloud’s low-lights, strong drinks mentality.

What we say:

War, bad politicians, tourists – there’s just so much wrong with the world, sometimes you need to find a… silver lining. And that’s what Silver Lining is hoping to offer, a relaxed hangout where you can feast on a selection of seasonal small plates that are constantly rotating, with the likes of oyster with strawberry, elderflower, white pepper fizz & horseradish, as well as jerk chicken scotch egg, mango & papaya hot sauce on the list. They’ve also planned the drinks menu to compliment the food, with classic and natural wines, beers, and a selection of pre-batched or draft apertifs created in Every Cloud.