New bar spy - Randy's Wing Bar

Randy duo open chick magnet restaurant at the Here East development

Randy's Wing Bar

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Now Open

What they say:

Hopping on over to the Here East development with their very first restaurant this May 21st, Randy's Wing Bar (courtesy of Richard and Andy) have done their research in the USA, been invited to international competitions, won over the London crowd with their roster of pop-ups and residencies and curated a unique selection of sauces that are set to be showcased alongside craft bevvies and cocktails at the intimate Hackney space. 

What we say:

I've seen people do bold things for chicken wings, so this one's sure to get them randy. Part of a new movement of street food and pop-up traders able to make the move to a restaurant space in London (there's been quite a lot of 'em), Randy's Wing Bar is not another company showing that starting small and doing your research means you can aim big, but their new Hackney plot is sure to be a chicken winner thanks to the burgeoning new Here East development.