Roma Ancient Rome is coming to London with Roma restaurant
14 New London Street, London, EC3R 7NA

What they say:

Taking inspiration from all things Roman, Roma opened up in the City of London serving a feast of meat and wine. Everything down to the site - which is on an old Roman Fort - is empire inspired. Food is cooked using the traditional method of hay, the menu comes meat-heavy with lots of rich dishes and wine is sourced from vineyards that Romans used to drink from. Head Chef Arturs Gorjunovs has plenty of experience, having worked in some of the capital's best kitchens and across Europe, look out for his Tapenade made using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

What we say:

Those Romans knew how to live didn't they? When they weren't pillaging and plundering they were gorging themselves at lavish feasts. Roma restaurant, opening on the old site of Harpers City, is set to bring the best aspects of the ancient civilisation to London. Meat is cooked using hay, wine comes from vineyards that were producing in the Roman times and the restaurant promises an emperor-like experience with banquet style seating and mosaic interiors. While themed restaurants can run the risk of being tacky, we think that Roma hits the right notes with an excellent menu and extensive wine list.