New bar spy - Absurd Bird Spitalfields

Spitalfields fondles the feathers of this Absurd new chicken restaurant

Absurd Bird Spitalfields

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What they say:

Deciding not to leave their dream cooped up, two culinary kids decided to pay homage to the humble bird, thus creating: Absurd Bird. A modest and unique approach to fried chicken, Absurd Bird not only uses the talents Fosse Meadows Farm to curate dishes made exclusively with fresh, free range chickens, their quirky cocktail menu is a nod to their drinking associates Soul Shakers; all in all creating a menu that totes the likes of smoked garlic parmesan wings alongside a buttermilk chicken waffle dish. 

What we say:

Hatching a chicken plan, it looks as though Absurd Bird have gone out of their way to not only challenge normal notions of fried chicken, they're making sure that the ingredients they use are tailored, honest and creative. While they're no plot for the post-party, junk food junkie come a walk home, they're sure to be a hit for those that like their birds in a restaurant enviroment.