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Salt + Pickle offers a menu of cured, smoked and pickled food to Crystal Palace

Salt + Pickle

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What they say:

Salt + Pickle is a celebration of all things preservation, offering a fun menu packed with cured, pickled and smoked food to the people of Crystal Palace. The intimate deli is a mixture of hanging lights, hanging greenery and hanging meat, with wooden furnishings rounding off its casual aesthetic. Hoping to support local business, the drinks will also be supplied from small wine producers and local craft breweries.

What we say:

While most people associate cured meat delis with Italy or Spain, Salt + Pickle are bringing it over to our little Island with a distinctly British twist. Their cured, pickled and smoke produce is delivered by local suppliers, meaning you can eat homemade pastrami or treacle-cured salmon while supporting local businesses. This is true for the drinks too, with the bar stocking wine from small producers and beers from local craft breweries, such as Gipsy Hill Brewery just down the road.