Margot Experienced De Tarso and Jaouën open exquisite eatery in Covent Garden
45 Great Queen St, London, WC2B 5AA
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Breaking onto the scene in Covent Garden this autumn, Margot hopes to please with its eclectic clash of traditional and contemporary Italian dishes. Alongside an array of pastas, cured meats and tartare meals, diners will be offered dishes made up of a complex web of ingredients, including crab meat tagliolini, saffron and roasted bone marrow risotto, and mozzarella and aubergine stuffed tomatoes. Crucially, the masterminds behind this venture ensure a totally unique experience for each person, allowing diners to choose the size of their dishes so as to tilt the menu to their liking.

What we say:

With a head chef like Maurizio Morelli, the food at Margot is always going to be wonderfully delicious and offer something special. However the presence of renowned maître d' Paulo De Tarso and manager Nicolas Jaouën really bolsters the line-up, adding some much needed composure and serenity to a team working in pressured situations. Both are experienced restaurateurs; both are used to a high standard of quality; both crucially understand what it takes to succeed. Whilst the specifics are not yet known, this Covent Garden haunt is sure to make a splash in London's competitive culinary amphitheatre.