Four to Eight Italian cuisine's winning formula at new Covent Garden restaurant
1 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5JZ
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

First, we eat. Like all great Italian proverbs, Four to Eight know a recipe for success starts with food. Brimming with Italian comforts Four to Eight is a place for foodies on the hunt for a haven of flavour full dishes. The basement plays host to the open kitchen; a hub of Italian aromas a plenty and culinary flair. Upstairs however, is where the centre feature of the glass wine tower resides acting as partition between the bar-side sippers and the restaurants sit-in diners. Pop a bottle of fragrant wine and enjoy the Italian artistry of each dish. Bellissimo!

What we say:

Get your lips puckered in preparation for that sound that marks one thing only - delicious food. Serving up a double dose of great flavours, elegant dining and fine wines Four to Eight adorn Italian food with a stamp of style and simplicity. With the feel of an urban dining den, this restaurant bar exudes that zesty Italian personality; rough edges shaped by impeccable portions of garnished ingredients and a gallery of wines (quite literally a glass conservatory of bottled dreams for all to marvel at) to sniff and swill away to your hearts content.