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By Chloe is leading the vegan revolution in London with guacamole burgers and healthy fries

By Chloe

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What they say:

The vegan revolution is coming and it’s going to be tasty. By Chloe is leading the charge into London, bringing its super-popular brand of plant-based cuisine over from New York City and into Covent Garden. The brand is as famous in the Big Apple for its tasty vegan food as it is for the queues that trail down the street – so if you want a taste of these meat-free plates, you might have to wait. It’ll all be worth it though, as they’ll serve you up healthy comfort food (and salads featuring kale, green hummus, quinoa, all your favourites), as well as healthy drinks ranging from cold pressed juices to bottled health ade kombucha.

What we say:

Veganism isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle, bro, and if By Chloe’s explosion around America isn’t proof of that then nothing is. But By Chloe’s success might have something to do with the extremely tasty food they serve up too. Their most famous dish is the Guac Burger, made from a black bean, quinoa and sweet potato patty, corn salsa, onion guacamole, tortilla strips and chipotle aioli, and my food god, it looks tasty enough to get a cat to swear off mice. There’s also a brunch menu packed with scrambled tofu, quinoa hash browns and pancakes topped with coconut whipped cream, as well as a series of plant-based desserts and ice creams that’ll fill your vegan tum right up.