We Beat The Heat With Brunch At Boki

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Last updated . By Olivia Cheves.

Offering a mouthwatering selection of inventive brunching goods, cooling cocktails and fresh smoothies, Seven Dials’ Boki is the perfect pit-stop needed to escape the summer swelter. With its horseshoe bar draped in plants, and clean and cosy tables hidden away from the sun’s glare, it’s even got the desert oasis look going for it.

Boki London Review

With cool and relaxed interiors and tasty coffee and cocktails, Boki is perfect hideaway any time of the day.

Walking through Central London in sticky 30-degree heat is usually a sure-fire way to put you off your brunch, but one look at the Boki menu and I’m almost able to ignore just how much the backs of my knees are sweating. The Cowboy Eggs Benedict (£9) is comfort brunching at its finest. Your classic Benny gets a dirty makeover with the addition of sriracha, chewy salt beef and *TRIGGER WARNING* coriander. Paired with a powerful little macchiato (£2.40) it’s cured the hangover I didn’t even know I had. My companion has opted for the Shakshuka (£9), which is packed full of sweet roasted peppers, tomatoes and a kick of chilli.

Boki London Review

Brunches here are a mix of classic dishes with contemporary flair, and internationally inspired salads and sandwiches.

When the food is done, and we’re safely into reputable drinking hours, we delve into the icy cocktails. Specialising in coffee concoctions and infusions, Boki is serious about getting you buzzed in every way. Their signature cocktail, the Boki Negroni (£7.50) uses infused Campari to offer an almighty punch of coffee. There’s no ‘hints’ or ‘undertones’ here; you order a coffee Negroni and Boki delivers. For a lighter aperitivo, the Earlham Spritz (£8) is a fresh and beautifully bitter alternative, mashing together Lillet Rose, port, tonic and fruit. It’s the perfect way to prep your internal body temperature for another foray into the fiery hell of London’s summertime streets.

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Cool and cosy in equal measure, Boki is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys their coffee strong and their brunch with a kick. Their house cocktails work to keep the post-meal drowsiness at bay, and the picturesque interiors will make you feel a world away from the city steam.