Mommi Clapham -London Restaurant Bar Review

Published . By Lizzie Graham.

Bringing slick downtown vibes to the street most famous for Infernos, Mommi is a burst of cool and culture in South West London.

The Venue

The food is Japanese-Peruvian fusion, and the decor seamlessly ties the minimalism and vibrancy of each culture. Centered around an open grill-kitchen framed by black marble, photography and murals, the intimate tables and booths were met with sparks of colour and creativity without too many in-your-face assets that really made the humble glow of this venue work. Clapham has had its fare of gaudy bars and cheap boozers, so Mommi comes as a refreshing new venue on mere interiors alone.

mommi clapham restaurant london review

Thoughtful and bright interiors make up the bones of Mommi.

The Food and Drink

The menu is split into three sections - Raw Bar, Robata Grill and Hot Kitchen - as well as nibbles, and you’re advised to order one dish from each. The aim is to create a constant flow of delicious food, encouraging languorous feasting. There is also a sublime cocktail selection to ease things along. We had the Mommi Fizz for a fresh yet luxurious cocktail touch, and my word, it is one of the most glorious things to ever be held in a glass.

We nibbled on Warm Quinoa Bread and Aji Panca Jam (£2.00) and Slow Cooked Crispy Pork Chicharrones (4.00,) before moving onto Mixed Mommi Sashimi (£9.00) and Sea Bass and Avocado Kizami Nori (£4.50). The start was just so strong with fresh vibrancy that echoed the walls, and it just kept getting better; and better came in the form of Chicken Teriyaki with Quinoa Lime Picante and Quinoa Crumb (£8.00) and Scallop and Belly Bacon Skewer with Smashed Peas (£10.50). These were amongst the best things I’ve ever eaten. Literally.

In our soporific state, the only things that could tempt us to reach for the chopsticks again was Braised Short Rib Teriyaki with Smoked Paprika Oil (£10.50) and Sea Bass with Sweet Potato and Yuzu Dressing (£8.00). Again, sublime, like everything about this place.

mommi food review clapham restaurant

While many may be intimidated by fusion dining, Mommi hit the nail on the delicious head.

The Atmosphere

On a Wednesday evening Mommi was vibey yet chilled out, with a couple of groups lingering over drinks and food. Even though the joint was by no means packed, the occasional fires erupting from the open grill, music and sleek but casual atmosphere made for some pretty great feelings.

mommi clapham review london

A must-try in Clapham, Mommi is making a dining name for itself.


A real asset to Clapham High Street, this place has character and charm as well as seriously good food. Made for good times and sociable sharing, whether you’re there with a group, a date or a friend, Mommi’s vibrant ambience is infectious.