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Nikkei food trend continues as takeaway Waka to open in the city


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What they say:

City workers are getting a bit of respite from the hordes of toastie joints with the introduction of Waka, a Nikkei takeaway and restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner, their dishes cost between £4 and £7, meaning busy bees can grab a quick bite to eat in the afternoon, or come back for a sit down meal in their upstairs, sixty cover restaurant.

What we say:

So, it’s official: London is Nikkei mad. The Japanese and Peruvian fusion cuisine has been popping up everywhere lately and now it’s possible to get it in quick bite form. There will be a variety of low-cost Nikkei dishes, such as hot chicken teriyaki rice bowl with Peruvian purple potato, as well as seafood options like salmon tiradito with apple and passionfruit sauce.