The Listing - London Restaurant Review

Published . By Olivia Cheves.

Tripping around the corner from Cannon Street, The Listing catches you off guard, a slice of cool comfort in the midst of the rush hour foot-traffic. Having opened in November, the Bush Lane eatery is the latest launch from the Drake and Morgan brand, whose venues currently number some 20+ bars and restaurants across London and Manchester. With big City names like The Allegory and The Otherist already established on the drinking and dining scene, can the newest member of the Drake and Morgan family live up to its sister sites?

Venue and Atmosphere

Known for elegant interiors with just a touch of the fantastical, Drake and Morgan have perfected their aesthetic with The Listing. Bright and leafy with floor-to-ceiling windows and hanging vines, the venue features an open-kitchen and terrace for al fresco dining in the spring and summer months. For such a spacious dining area, it’s not lacking in cosiness. Staying in keeping with the Drake and Morgan propensity for an autumnal colour-palette, and some rather fetching woolly turtlenecks slung over the backs of chairs for guests to snuggle up in, the venue is almost, dare I say it, hygge. Despite it being a Monday night there’s a fair handful of bodies at the bar sipping on wines and colourful cocktails. You can only imagine the after-work crowd this City venue must pull in on a Thursday or Friday night.

The Listing London review

Bright, airy and open, The Listing has some enviable interior design.

Food and Drink

With a bottle of very drinkable Merlot, Domaine St Esteve (£19.95) going down a storm, and some salt-crusted Padron Peppers (£3.95) on hand for snacking, the time had come to make some important decisions. While my companion opts for a juicy looking Crab Bruschetta (£7.95) for his starter, my own eyes are drawn to the Vietnamese Spring Roll (£6.50) with Thai sesame dipping sauce. Packed full of flavoursome tofu, peppers and coriander, the spring roll a satisfying mix of crunchy peppers, soft tofu, and chewy rice-paper pancake.

When my pan-fried salmon with braised lentils and confit garlic sauce (£12.95) arrives, I’m met with soft, flaky salmon atop a humongous pile of puy lentils with spring onion and a lake of confit garlic sauce. If, like me, you think the solution to all human suffering is mustard, then I would highly recommend mixing a little (or in my case a lot) with the salmon and garlic sauce for a salty and spicy taste sensation with just a hint of salmon sweetness. I sneak a taste of my friend’s rib eye (£19.95), along with most of his chips, to find the succulent steak that always proves a popular option at Drake and Morgan restaurants.

For dessert we share a Black Forest Knickerbocker Glory (£7.95), and yes, it is as sweet and rich as it sounds. I’m talking brownie chunks; I’m talking glace cherries, whipped cream and chocolate ice cream. By the time we leave my brain is a-buzz from the sugar, but does give me the energy needed to leave the cosy confines of the restaurant and step back out into the cold February night.

The Listing London review

Menus at the restaurant offers simple, fresh and tasty food including veggie and vegan options.


Pretty and luxuriously snug, The Listing is a great dining option if you’re looking for good food in a relaxed atmosphere. With a fantastic array of dishes, wines and cocktails, everything in this sleek City restaurant, from the decor to the staff, oozes comfort and amicability.