The Slice Is Right: How Did We Get On With Pizza Pilgrims City?

Published . By Ed Christmas.

Rumoured in friendship group as one of the best pizza restaurants in London, Pizza Pilgrims have come a long way since they first started slinging slices down on Dean Street back in 2013. In the last six years they've managed to get a further eight locations under their belts, including their newest Square Mile eatery. Sat at the foot of Tower 42 near Liverpool Street, the venue serves as both a restaurant and casual bar, with a little outdoor space as well - a rare find in this part of town - so that City workers can finally get a stake in the doughy action. But can Pizza Pilgrims’ latest venue live up to the expectations? Only one way to find out. 

Pizza Pilgrims City Review

It's all fun and games at Pizza Pilgrims City, and that's just the entry way.

Upon entry, it’s hard to miss the notable Donkey Kong mural, launching barrels down the stairs on your way up to the restaurant. At the bottom of the stairs sits their bar area, where you can enjoy a round or two of foosball while getting to grips with their happy hour cocktails, making it a sure-fire hotspot for those in the vicinity. Upstairs, an American-diner-with-a-twist vibe springs to mind, taking into account the chequered tablecloths and cushy booths interspersed with unique decor, such as an old bank till. 

Their signature cocktail, the Sunshine Spritz (£6.50) was my first choice. A blend of prosecco, limoncello, gin and Pococello that, inevitably, I over-indulged in and finished before we even ordered our food. We then set our eyes (and our stomachs very much agreed) on the deep fried mac and cheese (£5) and their raised Garlic “Bread Zeppelin” (£4). The deep fried mac and cheese reminded me of Halloumi fries – but better. Perfect size for a starter, but I would have happily had it for a main course.

Pizza Pilgrims Review

Stairway To Leaven? The Pizza Pilgrims take on garlic bread is something to behold.

Getting down to the serious business, we opted for the Napoli salami and sweet peppers (£10.50) and double pepperoni and spicy honey (£12) pizzas. The Napoli tasted far and away from your typical pizza, especially for anyone whose taken a stand on the 'No' side of the pineapple debate. Clearly a lot of time and effort was exerted to match the flavour of salami with a sweet ingredient, but it was executed perfectly, if I do say so myself. The sweetness of the honey was a little more subtle on the other pizza, but you can never go wrong with a trusted pepperoni, and Pizza Pilgrims were no different. We washed everything down with a litre of their recommended house wine (£23) - yes, a litre of wine.

I'm a sucker for a dessert that blends both the hot and the cold, so the Nutella Pizza Ring (£6.50) was an obvious choice. A ring of warm dough filled with gooey Nutella and lightly salted ricotta, the crowning glory was a large scoop of swiftly melting vanilla ice cream that came dolloped in the centre of the dish. Attempt to eat the whole thing, by all means, but expect to slip into a food coma immediately afterwards. 

Pizza Pilgrims City Review

From the sides to slices, this City pizza parlour is a must visit for post-work bites.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

From its food to the service of its staff, the Pizza Pilgrims City experience has surpassed even the reputation handed to me by its devotees. A perfect spot enjoy those some continental cocktail and a delicious doughy bite, it’s safe to say that, from now on, it will be serving as this writer's local pizza parlour for all those post-work cravings.