New bar spy - Alpes

The Raclette Brothers' latest venture is a Alpine-inspired restaurant serving cheese to Pop Brixton


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What they say:

The Raclette Brothers have quickly become a London fave thanks to their job of catering for the city’s insatiable, unstoppable desire for cheese. Their newest venture definitely won’t disappoint, then, as they’ll be delivering everything alpine from a cosy spot in Pop Brixton. Located above the main entrance of the complex, the site comes packed with a long bar with stool seating, as well as an outside terrace with fondue tables for groups. The menu is as cheese heavy as you’d expect, but it’s not the only hole in their Swiss cheese. Expect a weekly ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ event on Tuesday, where they’ll deliver dishes created from theirs and other PB kitchens' ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. And the profits from these go back to the community – what top lads.

What we say:

In news that will surprise no one, they’ll be serving up raclette here – with a choice of traditional Raclette de Savoie or Bermondsey Raclette hailing from Kappacasein. You’ll also be able to indulge in Savoyarde, Blue and British fondue, with unlimited sides and dips to keep you fed. That’s roast new potatoes, fries, salad, pickles, baguette, tartiflette, the lot. Heartier dishes include Beef Bourguignon with pomme soufelle and girolles, and there’s a selection of lighter snacks and vegan bites if the cheese is getting a bit much. Not only are most of the ingredients locally-sourced, with meats and cheese coming as close as Borough Market, the guys are supplying herbs and edible flowers from their allotment in Brockwell Park.